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Fire Safety During the Holidays

The holidays are approaching again! Here are a few more fire safety tips to make sure you have another safe and fun year! When using holiday decorations, be sure not to overload electrical circuits! Keep trees watered and away from open flames! Dried trees and leaves are a common cause for fires just after Christmas. Never leave candles burning unattended, and extinguish them when leaving the house or going to bed. Best wishes for a happy holiday season from all of us at the Bernardsville Fire Company!

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How to Make Your Family’s Fire Escape Plan

Planning is the key to a fast and safe exit from a fire. Start by drawing a floor plan of your home, and plan 2 ways out. Remember to set up a meeting place outside your home for everyone to report to after they have gotten out (a tree, basketball hoop, the mailbox, etc.) Practice your escape plan! Have a fire drill, make it as realistic as possible. Pretend the lights are out and the house is filling up with smoke. Remember to stay low and crawl under the smoke, [...]

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Holiday Fire Safety Tips – Careful with Cooking!

With the holidays approaching, now is a good time to remember that Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking, with three times the average number of such fires compared to the rest of the year. One of the major causes of cooking accidents and injuries at holiday time are turkey deep-fryers. These oil-filled pots completely submerse the turkey in hot oil, and they continue to grow in popularity year after year. The National Fire Protection Association believes that turkey fryers which use cooking oil, as currently designed, [...]

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