Planning is the key to a fast and safe exit from a fire.

Start by drawing a floor plan of your home, and plan 2 ways out.

Remember to set up a meeting place outside your home for everyone to report to after they have gotten out (a tree, basketball hoop, the mailbox, etc.)

Practice your escape plan! Have a fire drill, make it as realistic as possible. Pretend the lights are out and the house is filling up with smoke. Remember to stay low and crawl under the smoke, touching the doors with the backs of your hand to check for heat before opening the door. Remember not to open a hot door! Go to another exit instead.

Last, but not least, be prepared. Make sure everyone in your family understands the escape route and knows what to do.

Remember, get out first then call 911 at a neighbor’s house.

Never, NEVER go back into a burning structure once you have escaped!